Good and Green

In San Francisco you’ll find many restaurants obsessed with flavor. Our obsession starts there and goes far beyond the amazing flavors that our chef creates. At Lotus SF we are leading the restaurant industry with our healthy, earth-friendly dining experience. We acknowledge that we are walking in the footsteps of giants: authors like Michael Pollan and Frances Moore Lappe.

France Moore Lappe’s famous 1970s book Diet for a Small Planet helped introduce the idea of cooking food being intricately tied to the health of our planet. The title alone implied that what you eat affects more than just your body.

Seasonal Local Ingredients

What we eat in one community can have an impact on another community. Simply eating the right food becomes a form of activism. Our society has made the connection between our meals and how they are produced. Dining at Lotus SF is a celebration of local seasonal harvests.

Michael Pollan published his Omnivore’s Dilemma to drive home the connection between the food on your table and the farms it comes from. The fine dining experience at Lotus SF makes the farm-to-table connection visible to our patrons with seasonal organic ingredients in every dish.

There are more food movements today than there are items on our menu. From slow food supporters to locavores, vegetarians and vegans to farm-to-table advocates, they all feel right at home at Lotus SF.

At the heart of our mission to serve fine food is our belief that this food must come from ingredients that nourish the body and the land. This is why our goal is to only serve food from ingredients that are organic and meet other healthy and green requirements such as:

* Locally grown
* Seasonal recipes
* Non-GMO
* Gluten Free
* Pesticide free
* Biodynamically farmed

Today’s diners don’t just expect a great dining experience. They are also concerned about the environment and eager to support sustainable farming practices and animal rights. They treat their bodies to a healthy diet prepared by a certified green business

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